Import fund details from BGL360

You can now connect to BGL360 and import Fund details directly into our SMSF forms by clicking on the BGL360 icon.

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Stamp duty and land tax surcharges Update

Many members would be aware of various States introducing stamp duty (and land tax) surcharges for foreigners acquiring land, including for some discretionary trusts where they have even one foreign (potential) beneficiary! NTAA Corporate has progressively introduced new discretionary trust deeds to exclude affected foreigners from being beneficiaries of those trusts, to ensure as far as possible that the surcharges will not inadvertently apply to the acquisition or holding of land by trusts in those affected States.

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The importance of a quality trust deed

When setting up a discretionary trust it's important to have the right structure, but it is equally important to have the right trust deed. The trust deed outlines the responsibilities and powers of the trustee, who can benefit, the rights of the beneficiaries, and determines the way that income and capital can be distributed. It’s an important legal document setting out the rules of the trust and is vital to the ongoing administration of the trust.

Following is a list of some of the other features of our discretionary trust deed (the most popular form of trust product ordered by members). 


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Are trusts affected by the SA stamp duty surcharge for foreign purchasers of property?

South Australia now has a stamp duty surcharge for foreign purchasers of property … but it’s not as bad as we thought!

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NEW SMSF pension kits for ABPs and TRISs

We are pleased to announce that we can now prepare complete pension kits for clients starting account based pensions (ABPs) and/or transition to retirement income streams (TRISs), in which we can fully complete the details of the relevant fund and member (based on your, or your client’s, instructions).

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