BDBNs and reversionary beneficiary nominations - which take precedence?

Succession planning is obviously a very important element of being a member of a superannuation fund, as the benefits are basically expected to be paid to the member when they retire, or to their dependants should they pass away.

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New ASIC fees effective 1 July 2019

In line with ASIC's fee increase, {{contact_name}}'s company products will be priced as follows from 1st July 2019.

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NEW! Set up your company in CAS 360

When you register a company with us we can set up the company in your CAS 360 software without you needing to rekey the information. Simply authorise us in App Connect in your account and select Push to CAS 360 when registering the company. Once the company is registered, we will push the information to CAS 360 and send you an email link to the newly created company. We will create your company in full detail, saving you and your staff valuable time.

Push to CAS 360

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NEW SMSF pension kits for ABPs and TRISs

We are pleased to announce that we can now prepare complete pension kits for clients starting account based pensions (ABPs) and/or transition to retirement income streams (TRISs), in which we can fully complete the details of the relevant fund and member (based on your, or your client’s, instructions).

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The NTAA’s Guide to the SMSF Deed update (for Budget 2016/17)

In November 2016, the Parliament passed legislation to allow for the changes proposed by the Government in its 2016/17 Budget, which will generally come into effect on 1 July 2017. Whilst our current deed allows for the budget changes, we have gone through the deed with a fine-tooth comb and have tightened various provisions to ensure that the changes have been explicitly provided for within the document. The deed has also been tightened to allow for certain super and tax strategies to be implemented.

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A Partnership of Trusts or a Hybrid Trust

A Partnership of Trusts or a Hybrid Trust - which would be right for you?

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