Change of Unitholder/Unitholding

We can prepare documents for simple changes in unitholders and/or unitholding in a unit trust for the transfer, redemption or issue of new units.

All unitholders must have consented to the change, and the applicable procedures as set out in the relevant trust deed must have been followed (or can be waived or varied by the unanimous consent of the unitholders).

Our in-house legal team will prepare the documents in accordance with your instructions. We do not need to see a copy of the deed.

We offer this service using our standard PDF forms. Please complete, scan and email the form to our office.

Note: Changes in unitholding involving more complex procedures (including pre-emptive rights) may result in unintended consequences, and you should obtain external legal advice in order to make the change.

The Change of Unitholder and/or Unitholding documentation will be prepared in accordance with the change and will usually include:

  • Resolution of Directors (if trustee is a company)
  • Unitholders resolutions
  • New unit certificate(s)
  • Updated register of unitholders
  • Instrument(s) of Transfer of units (if applicable)
  • Application for Redemption (if applicable)
  • Application for New units (if applicable)

You will receive electronic copies of the documents.

Important Note:
Stamp duty may apply in relation to the deeds. NTAA Corporate is not liable for advising on stamp duty, paying the stamp duty or arranging for lodgment of the documents for stamping. In some states, there may be adverse stamp duty consequences as a result of these changes. We recommend calling the department responsible for State Revenue in the relevant State/Territory for further information on possible duty where there are transfers of property.