Shareholders Agreement

A shareholders agreement is between the shareholders of the company concerning the operation of the company (e.g. where would shareholder approval be required for certain company actions, non-compete and non-solicitation restrictions) and dealing with their shares in the company (e.g. pre-emptive rights for issue and transfer of shares, drag-along, tag-along, automatic exit of a shareholder (involuntary transfer, confidentiality and dispute resolution by mediation / arbitration).

In our shareholders agreement, the company itself will also be a party to the shareholders agreement which provides greater legal enforceability and reduces conflict between the parties.  For more information in relation to what our shareholders agreement does and doesn’t cover please review our Shareholders Agreement Guide.

Our friendly, experienced staff can assist; we offer this service using our standard PDF forms.

Please complete, scan and email back to our office.

  • Shareholders Agreement
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