Online Corporate Registry

Online Registry and Compliance

Purpose built ASIC Compliance software to empower advisers to automate workflows and efficiently manage company compliance.

Our technology will help advisers manage ASIC Annual Reviews, Debt and Company Changes. We have also included a section on the features we are working on.

If you are interested in joining the program please make an appointment with Patrick or Brent.


Our policy for the charging for the Online Corporate Registry and Compliance service is to simply apply a modest fee at the start of each month for each company registered on the service. No contracts, no hidden fees. Simple

Annual Reviews
Automate Reviews
  • Annual Review Alerts and filters to oversee received, upcoming and missed annual reviews including a neat Dashboard to filter and highlight items which require attention, including
    • Document reviews
    • Debts due/overdue
    • Company Labels (create your own groups for reporting, display and notifications)
  • Debt alerts are synched with ASIC servers on a daily basis showing current debt, late debt and ASIC account credits.
  • Multiple client Debt Alerts can be scheduled as desired by the practice, on a practice or a customer basis (eg, 30 days, 14 days, 7, 3, 1 day!)
  • Automatically send SMS or email reminders to clients:
    • Each item of correspondence can be tailored on the platform through the editor.
    • Document deadlines with documents and digital signature links attached
    • ASIC debt with ASIC invoice attached and ‘Pay Now’ for payment
Manage Reviews
  • Compare your company data with ASIC’s company data
  • Digital signing integration with local electronic signature company – Docusign
  • Upload and store any historical document.
  • Business hours support is always at hand by the reliable NTAA Corporate team. NTAA Corporate is proudly managed by Sequoia and Docscentre, listed on the ASX.
Company Changes
  • Changes to Directors, shareholders and addresses performed by our team in Melbourne and Perth.
  • Company Name Changes can be performed online with a streamlined smart form.
  • Offline changes will be completed at half the cost of the advertised rate.
Coming Soon
  • Practice emails alerts to show company information, ASIC debt information, rejected lodgements and failed emails.
  • Full set of ASIC compliant Company Registers, including all transaction history and the ability to prepare registers up to a reporting date.
  • Direct integration with Xero Practice Manager, Xero HQ and integration with XPM Jobs.
  • Multi Company Document support with the ability to prepare documents for changes across all your companies.
  • Advanced share transaction screen including all ASIC supported transaction types with a full transaction history, pie charts, beneficial owners, partly paid shares and shareholder %’s across multiple classes of shares.
  • Support for Share Option transactions for companies including issue options, exercised options and cancelled options.
  • Interactive contacts screen showing all contact information and relationships with other entities and any duplicates.
  • User profile and access control for administrators, accountants or view only users.

Please email our office contact us for more information or call the office on 1800 799 666.