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Temporary Adjustment to Trust Deed Stamping Service

By your customer service team

While we are working remotely, there will be some adjustments to our trust stamping service. As always, please check the deeds carefully to ensure that they are executed correctly before sending to us to be stamped. This includes all required signatures, (witnessed where required) and the deeds being dated when signed.

For deeds to be stamped in New South Wales

  • Please continue to send the executed deeds to 274, Collins Street West, VIC 8007.
  • Hard copies are required, as a physical stamp must be affixed to original deeds in NSW.
  • We will be stamping these deeds twice per week and returning to you via ParcelPost.

For deeds to be stamped in Victoria

  • Please scan the entire deed and email to
  • We will process the duty online
  • Once finalised by the SRO, we will email you the certificate of duty and upload to the trust online
  • Please allow 3-4 days

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding.