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Set up Multi Factor Authentication before December 31

By Support

We have added Google Authenticator to our website to allow us to provide some exciting integrations and services in the near future. As the ATO requires that this be mandatory from 31st December 2018, we'd recommend that you set it up now so that you're ready.

 Steps to Set up multi factor authentication:

  1. On your device (mobile or tablet), download the free Google Authenticator app from either the Apple App Store of the Android Google Play Store
  2. Visit and enter your registered email address
  3. You will be sent an email, click on the link to the setup page
  4. Using your device, scan the QR code pictured on the setup page (you will need to allow access to the camera)
  5. Enter the code and hit confirm.


What is Multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authenticaion, or two-factor authentication (2FA), is a way of logging into a website with an extra layer of security. It requires not only a username and password, but a device that that a user has on them. It is becoming increasingly common to protect users on websites that store client information.

Why can't I login as I normally would?

We will soon be introducing ABN registrations for companies and we will do this by integration with the Australian Business Register (ABR). It is a requirment of the ABR that we increase login security with multi-factor authentication, or 2FA.